So we are in our last morning here and we’ll just have a wander round the shops, perhaps get some wine at “Invinum” ! 

We’ve very much enjoyed our time here….many thanks to you and Silvia for showing us part of your city on Wednesday and for the hints and tips. We made it to “Die Brennerei” last night for a lovely meal and their own Gin, followed by Williams and then Vogelbeere [mountain ash] Schnapps ! 

portrait format; one man sitting at a table in a restaurant, drinking from a shot glass
Nial enjoying genuine Tyrolean spirits
landscape format; selfie with 4 people, from left to right one woman with a woolen hat, red jacket, the rest have dark grey jackets and coats, then one man squinting his eyes, one woman with sunglasses and a red scarf, at the very right a man again. The men have grey hair, the women are dark blonde. In the background snow capped mountains.
Angela, the greeters Rudi and Silvia, Nial during their greet at the Hungerburg above Innsbruck

So very best wishes from us to you and again our sincere thanks. If you ever come to the South of England, please do let us know…and perhaps I’ll look into becoming a Greeter….

Angela and Nial from Alton, UK

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