Memories of Innsbruck

Were you able to take all the pictures you wanted to?

This page provides you with pictures of places you might have visited during your greet. Maybe the weather wasn’t that sunny or your camera jammed or your dog ate your smartphone. Whatever …

Use the photographs as you like, all of them are available for free (cc-by-sa license). If you click on the single picture and then download it you will get a higher resolution than you see on the screen.

Click on the picture to navigate to a page with the thematic collection of hires images.

Landscape format; foreground: square / roundabout with a fountain; main part is a blue house at the corner of two streets, the rooftop looks a bit futuristic; to the left and right colourful houses

The coloured houses of Innsbruck

Landscape format; triumphal arch with 3 passages, in the background houses, church tower and mountains

Sights of Innsbruck