A wonderful experience!

Rudi was an excellent greeter and really made us appreciate the sites, neighborhoods, and history of Innsbruck. We walked through several important landmarks, and he told us some interesting stories you really could have only gotten from a local!

He was very helpful when it came to local recommendations for places to eat, drink, and visit.

portrait format; yellow building, portal and front with brick gables; above the portal a large glass window; similar to a church front; flanked by two trees

This was our first greeters tour, and we really loved having an intimate introduction to a new city. Would highly recommend this experience! Thank you, Rudi!

Mary Ann from Atlanta, Georgia; USA

A great experience!

The greet with Wolfgang was unforgettable!

We were very happy to experience that – our greeter not only showed us exciting places in Innsbruck, he also told us many stories that had to do with city life. Insights into topics such as Austrian politics, economics and science were also very enriching for us.

The coordination of the appointment and the communication with Wolfgang also went smoothly, which was very relieving for us 🙂

We would like to thank you very much for the time we spent together and recommend everyone to have this experience! 🙂

Anna from Berlin, Germany

A hike through the “wolve’s gorge”

We want to tell you what a great time we had in Austria! 

We hiked the Zirbenweg with many other people, as expected.  And it was beautiful. As we were going to board the gondola to get to the top, Silvie, a resident of Innsbruck, invited us to join her and we had a wonderful but brief conversation.  She could be a greeter!  We hiked the Goetheweg as well.  The heat and sun were a bit much but the views were spectacular. 

We took the bus into Old Innsbruck and went to the Tribaun where 9 out of 10 customers were Americans!  It was fun to try different beers. 

But extra thanks go to Dagmar who recommended Gasthaus Isserwirt in Lans.  We ate in their beautiful garden.  Jim had Schnitzel and Susan had one of the best meals of her life… no idea what it was called on the menu but I took a risk on a fish dish… seared char I think with slivers of bacon and straw mushrooms, little polenta cakes and warm slightly picked cucumber slices.  Amazing. 

We are very glad we stayed in Igls.  Innsbruck was a little too busy (the little we saw of it).  Yet who wouldn’t want to be here!  We are lucky.  And we are so very appreciative of the time you gave us. It was a special day. 

Susan and Jim, Idaho, USA

Souvenir from Austria

We are now back to Canada, back with so good souvenirs from Austria and of course, you are include in those.

We appreciated of course your visit but also yourself as a kind and generous person.  We learned a lot about Innsbruck and of course,  we went at some places that we wouldn’t have never gone without you. 

landscape format; 3 women and 2 men standing in front of the river, looking into the camera, in the background coloured houses and mountains, blue sky
Daniele, Lucie, Rudi, Alain and Johanne

Thanks for your time and please, do not hesitate to contact me if you ever come to Montreal.  I would be glad to share with you some of my time and give you the opportunity to learn more about our place. 

Thanks for everything again, hope to see you soon

Alain, Daniele, Lucie and Johanne from Montreal, Canada  

Unique insights into Innsbruck

My greeter Rudi made me feel very welcome in Innsbruck. He did a really extensively researched 42-Tour with me and as well gave me many new and interesting insights into my favorite book — and of course he also had a towel with him 🙂

At the same time he also gave recommendations for sightseeing in Innsbruck. While walking along he pointed out some places and sights – it was a very varied, extremely exciting tour and Rudi spared no effort in answering my questions and letting me come home with many stories.

Thank you very much for this great greet!

Lisa from Vienna, Austria

Fantastic experience in Innsbruck

The greeter Rudi was very knowledgeable and was happy to tailor his tour to my special interests. The places he showed me were not the ones I would have been able to find on my own, and the stories he told were interesting and thought provoking. It was a great way to be introduced to Innsbruck!

David from Australia / Israel

Outstanding Experience with Innsbruck Greeter

small black dog on a level gravel road leading to the horizon, green field to the left and right. clouds with the sun shining through them
Our guests’ favorite: the dog “Maxi”

I had a wonderful experience with my Innsbruck greeter Silvia. She took me on a gentle hike in a beautiful pine forest only 10 minutes from Central Innsbruck. She brought her dog which was a treat because I love dogs. We stopped for a cold drink at a lovely restaurant with a stunning view of the mountains. We have some similar interests beyond hiking and dogs, so our conversation was very enjoyable and engaging. Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking photos.

Thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon experience in a part of Innsbruck I otherwise would not have visited.

Judith from Berkeley (USA, California)

Three at once

At the agreed time we first met our greeter Rudi in Schwaz. It was a stone’s throw from the Zillertal where we stayed. We’ve seen impressive things in Schwaz. We continued to Hall, which initially meant nothing to us. But Rudi showed us the beautiful old town, we even made it to the historic wedding hall. A great old town!

We continued to Innsbruck. With the three cities, it was immensely helpful that we were safely guided to a well-located parking lot. Innsbruck was a highlight, we saw and got to know a lot. The finale was a walk up a hill from which we had unforgettable views of Innsbruck.

All in all it was a brilliant day. Rudi was a great companion, just like a friend who presented his friends with the most beautiful places in his three towns.

In the future we will arrange greets again. It’s really a great opportunity.
Many thanks again to Rudi!!!

Regine and Burkhard from Velbert (Rheinland, Germany)

Entertaining and very informative

We really enjoyed the tour with Monika!
We learned a lot about Innsbruck and its beautiful restaurants and had an excellent meal at Anichbräu that same evening!
Unfortunately we couldn’t invite Monika for a cup of coffee to say thank you since her dog was sick!
We are happy to recommend the InnsbruckGreeters to others!
All the best and maybe see you

Karin and friends from Bavaria, April 2023