Walks – Explore the city

City walks

A stroll through different residential areas of Innsbruck, from workers’ class quarters to the mansion district. Along the way we might also pass by so called South Tyrolean settlements, stemming from the relocation of 70.000 people just before World War II. Maybe we get a chance to take a sneak peak into one of the courtyards.

The oldest part of town

  • landscape format; small road, empty except for one parking car, Three storey houses in light pastel colours or white or light grey on each side of the road, First house on the left has an archway door, sidewalk on the right. rather boring scene.
    One of the oldest roads in Innsbruck

This is not the old town, but a much older part of Innsbruck. We walk through the northern areas, St. Nikolaus, Hötting and Mariahilf, which still are like a village in the middle of the city. Take a look at the backside of that famous panorama and find out how close to the mountain the city is located.

The old town

Landscape format; facade of a large white house with many windows, in the middle the representational balcony with the Golden Roof. Behind the house the snow capped mountains. At the left and right side of the picture rows of houses leading to the large white house.
The Golden Roof

Many greet requests ask for a tour through the old town. However, neither are Innsbruck greeters tourist guides nor are the greets a free replacement for the classic guided tours. A greet’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for personal encounters with locals and to get to know the place you’re visiting in a rather intimate way. We don’t talk about historic dates.

Depending on which route we’re walking, in many cases we’ll have the opportunity to visit the old town or other sights and we’ll of course show you where to take that one picture every tourist ought to take before she leaves town.

If you are interested in a classic tour through the old town and to the main sights of Innsbruck we recommend you check out the various professional offers. Search the web or visit these sites:

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