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Eating and drinking

Where are the restaurants and bars your greeter prefers? Where can you get the best food in town? What’s the best place to buy “Schnaps” (booze)? Is there an alternative to international fast food chains for instant hunger relief?

Let us take you to our favorite places and tell you what and where we like to eat and drink.

Just chat

Landscape format; sunny day, open air cafe with many tables and many people
Open air cafe at the market square

Do you always have to walk if you want a meeting with a greeter? Of course not. If you like, why not choose one of our favorite cafes or bars and have a chat about yourself and us? After all, the idea behind the greeters is to enable personal encounters with locals.


Landscape format; many many stars on a brownish nebula shaped area, light blue background; image by Hubble space telescope
Carina Nebula, image by Hubble space telescope

This is for those who understand the headline.

In 1971, after “a couple of stiff Gössers” (i.e. beers), Douglas Adams lay drunk in a field in Innsbruck, looked up to the stars and contemplated that someone should write a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

We’ll visit the very spot where Douglas Adams had that idea plus some other places that are related to his time in Innsbruck and the first chapter of that great book. Maybe we’ll have a couple of stiff Gössers ourselves then.

And: Bring your own towel.