After the greet

Did you enjoy your greet?

We hope you did!

Tell us and maybe others, too, how you liked it. Share your highlights, your story and maybe a few pictures.

Here we have a contact form for you so you can send us your feedback easily.

Need more pictures?

Landscape format; in the foreground the river, in the middle a row of coloured houses, behind that the snow capped mountains; sunny

When telling your friends back home about your great trip to Innsbruck you realize you are lacking pictures of a specific place? We come to your rescue.

Here we have lots of pictures from Innsbruck. Use them freely.

Do you want to support the greeters organization?

Even though greets are absolutely free sometimes people would like to give some money in return. When that happens we say a friendly thank you and don’t accept that money. Greets are free, period.

If you still want to give some money you are very much welcome to support the International Greeters Association. They collect contributions and use them to maintain the network. Here’s the site where you can give a donation if you want.

Wherever you go — Look out for greeters

Now you know that greeters exist. For your upcoming travels check out the international greeters’ site to find out whether there are greeters at your next destination.