City Tour

We wanted a city tour to get an overview of the city center. Our expectations were fully met. We spent a wonderfully entertaining afternoon with our greeter Martina. We can recommend her at any time.

Elisabeth from Rainbach, Austria

Walk and Talk with Rudi

Interesting to gain an insight on history of Innsbruck from a local!

Rudi has lots of knowledge and interesting facts to share with us! It was so wonderful to share the time with him one on one as we felt we were able to talk about so much!

Thank you once again for the opportunity to meet with a local – the experience was greatly appreciated!

Sheryll and Paul from Gold Coast, Australia

Amazing experience!

Rudi met us at our hotel and spent a wonderful 3 hours with us and showed us Innsbruck from the Olympic ski jump to the funicular station and we were able to see and experience more of Innsbruck than we could have ever expected.

Greeters is like visiting a friend and spending some quality time together while enjoying their city.

Charles and Mila from Florida

landscape format; a woman (ca 50 yrs) and a man (ca 65 yrs), both wearing trousers and shirts, sunglasses, smile into the camera. behind them the river, a row of coloured houses and the mountains
Charles and Mila in front of the iconic Innsbruck panorama

Chicago greeter discovers Innsbruck

Looks like this is the month of greeters’ visits to Innsbruck. After Tallinn and Freiburg we welcomed a fellow greeter from Chicago.

landscape format; a man (left) and a woman (right) standing next to a copper still
Chicago greeter Margaret with Anton Steixner of “Die Brennerei”, currently the best distillery of Innsbruck and around

With Margaret we visited the best distillery in town for a genuine Schnaps tasting.

Another fellow greeter

Wolfgang is the manager of the greeters in Freiburg, Germany. Of course, whenever a greeter travels she or he is looking out for fellow greeters at their destination.

Together with the local greeter Rudi Wolfgang and his wife Angela walked through southern quarters of Innsbruck and finished in the “corner of the four beasts” as that place in the old town is called. It got its name from the fact that at this spot you are surrounded by four taverns named after animals.

portrait format; 3 people, one woman in the middle, 2 men at her side. standing at a square, old tall houses. the big one in the back is red
Rudi, Angela and Wolfgang at the “corner of the 4 beasts”

The best experience in Innsbruck

It was such a great pleasure to get to know Elli! We had a really nice walk around the city, enjoying the snow while she explained me beautiful fun facts about the city. I go back with an amazing experience in Innsbruck but also (and most importantly) with a new friend!

Catia from Leiria, Portugal

landscape format; selfie of two young women at night in the street, one of them wearing a blue hat; rainy and snowy weather, in the background illuminated houses
Catia and Elli brave the weather

Innsbruck through the lens of a local

My friend and I mostly travel to get a grasp of how locals live. We love experiencing things that people from different cultures do on a daily basis.

portrait format, selfie; 3 people at a table in a Cafe; left a young woman, middle an older man. right a young woman again. On the table various coffees, in the background a colourful painting of flowers
Vanessa, Rudi and Lisa at the Cafe

Rudi showed us around the residential areas and explained historical information mostly related to Innsbruck’s lifestyle along with how the city came about. He was kind enough to extend the tour to a conversation at a cafe he frequented. We got to know so much more about him, his culture, and the hidden places in Innsbruck. He was simple in thoughts but had such a great deal of knowledge even of things outside of Innsbruck. He was also an honest man who spoke his mind which made it such a delightful afternoon for both my friend and I. Hopefully for him too!

Vanessa, Malaysia and Lisa, South Korea

Wonderful afternoon in Innsbruck

Rudi and Heidi were the wonderful Greeters that received me and my 3 friends in Innsbruck. We were 4 Portugese spending the weekend in Innsbruck and wanted to know more about the city and local people and Greeters was the perfect idea for it.

Rudi was the greeter with whom I communicated through the Greeters portal and he agreed to meet in a convenient spot for us. He was very quick to reply and very accessible.
On the day we met, Rudi met us with Heidi, his fellow Greeter, who was also a very nice host to this greeting. They shared with us a little bit about themselves as we did share with them as well.

We had a relaxed walk around the city and they kept providing very insightful points of view about Innsbruck and its neighbourhoods and people. We really enjoyed meeting Heidi and Rudi and the experience of being greeted in Innsbruck by them.

square format; five young people (two men, three women), full body photo, smiling into the camera. In the background old houses, yellow and orange; further back the snow capped mountains
Bernardo with friends an greeter Heidi

The highlights of the afternoon we spent together were walking through the classical Innsbruck neighborhoods and navigating through the old houses and churches while hearing old stories about the foundries and some historical buildings. We also had a lovely stroll through the imperial garden and we ventured a little bit into the city’s old town center.

We were all very grateful to both Heidi and Rudi for their time and insightful information, and also by the overall mission they embody with the Greeters institution. We felt inspired by the work they do in greeting people and help them blend-in in Innsbruck.

Thank you so much, Heidi and Rudi, I hope we meet again.

Bernardo and friends, Portugal

Nice memory of Innsbruck

We had a very good time with Silvia and also her dog Maxi.

We took a walk in the city center and also some beautiful quiet street. And we also went to a local market and bought some groceries together. It leaves us an authentic impression of the local life here.

Silvia is very nice and friendly, she’s always glad to share what she know about the city details and also her own experience here. Maxi is so calm and cute, he is definitely an excellent companion in our city walk!

Thanks again for Silvia and the Greeter platform. It makes Innsbruck quite special for us. Hope to come again and experience the summer time here:) Best wishes

Kexin & Yufei, Netherlands