Walks – Surroundings


A small town to the north-west of Innsbruck, up on 1.200 m with plenty of beautiful landscape around it. From rolling hills to steep mountains, from quiet lakes to the bustling town center Seefeld satisfies many different desires.

Our greeter Annette will show you the place she calls home and is looking forward to chat with you over a cup of coffee.

Scenic outskirts

  • landscape format; brown grassland in the foreground, trees, snow capped mountains in the background, blue sky with a few clouds
    Grassland at Vill near Innsbruck

The tramway 6 takes us on a scenic ride to Igls, a meanwhile incorporated village at a plateau 300 m above and south of the city. Experience what “Mittelgebirge” (mid-range mountains) means: A pleasant wide open space with lots of small villages spread over it.

From there we’ll walk back to Innsbruck, through the woods, pass by the long abandoned cemetery, visit the leisure area built on top of the freeway and return to the place we took off from.

Money and Salt

Town square in Hall in Tirol

Hall in Tirol is a city 10 km to the east of Innsbruck. In former centuries the the salt mine and the mint made it a wealthy city. While not as well known as Innsbruck its old town is absolutely worth to visit. Trivia: Hall calls itself the birthplace of the dollar as the “Taler”, where the term “dollar” stems from has been coined there.

Cemetery in the woods

Let’s walk from Amras (meaning: place in the shade) via the Ambras castle’s park to its former playground which has been turned into a cemetery. Away from the busy city we’ll enjoy a relaxing time.

A real hike

Rauschbrunnen, one of Innsbruck’s getaways

If you are comfortable hiking uphill for an hour or two we’ll go with you to one of the many favorite getwaways of Innsbruck up on the mountain. At the top of the walk we’ll get some very local food and beer to refill our batteries. The magnificent view is the reward for the exertion.

Maybe we’ll also pass by that inn which serves “Eiterbeule” (pus blister). Are you courageous enough to try it?