A hike through the “wolve’s gorge”

We want to tell you what a great time we had in Austria! 

We hiked the Zirbenweg with many other people, as expected.  And it was beautiful. As we were going to board the gondola to get to the top, Silvie, a resident of Innsbruck, invited us to join her and we had a wonderful but brief conversation.  She could be a greeter!  We hiked the Goetheweg as well.  The heat and sun were a bit much but the views were spectacular. 

We took the bus into Old Innsbruck and went to the Tribaun where 9 out of 10 customers were Americans!  It was fun to try different beers. 

But extra thanks go to Dagmar who recommended Gasthaus Isserwirt in Lans.  We ate in their beautiful garden.  Jim had Schnitzel and Susan had one of the best meals of her life… no idea what it was called on the menu but I took a risk on a fish dish… seared char I think with slivers of bacon and straw mushrooms, little polenta cakes and warm slightly picked cucumber slices.  Amazing. 

We are very glad we stayed in Igls.  Innsbruck was a little too busy (the little we saw of it).  Yet who wouldn’t want to be here!  We are lucky.  And we are so very appreciative of the time you gave us. It was a special day. 

Susan and Jim, Idaho, USA

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