Souvenir from Austria

We are now back to Canada, back with so good souvenirs from Austria and of course, you are include in those.

We appreciated of course your visit but also yourself as a kind and generous person.  We learned a lot about Innsbruck and of course,  we went at some places that we wouldn’t have never gone without you. 

landscape format; 3 women and 2 men standing in front of the river, looking into the camera, in the background coloured houses and mountains, blue sky
Daniele, Lucie, Rudi, Alain and Johanne

Thanks for your time and please, do not hesitate to contact me if you ever come to Montreal.  I would be glad to share with you some of my time and give you the opportunity to learn more about our place. 

Thanks for everything again, hope to see you soon

Alain, Daniele, Lucie and Johanne from Montreal, Canada  

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