A great introduction to Innsbruck

We did a half day walk through Innsbruck just before Christmas. This tour included myself, my wife and my two adult children. We love walking tours, and have done many – I always find it the best way to learn the culture and history of a place is from a local via a walk around their town. Particularly when the walk can be tailored to your needs and changed as you go.

Landscape format, selfie, 3 men and 2 women; parents and greeter in their 50ies, 60ies, children mid-20ies. Winter; big house with red and yellow facade in the background, grey sky.
Family Maguire from Brisbane, Australia with Rudi in the middle

Rudi was fantastic – he contacted us well before the day, asking what we would be interested in seeing (as there is plenty to see in Innsbruck), and then took us on a walk and showed us things we would never have seen or done on our own. It was a great introduction to ‘his’ town. My daughter wanted a coffee, so Rudi did an impromptu stop for a traditional coffee at an older style cafe, chatting with the friendly regulars.

It was a great half day, and will be the first thing we all remember when we think of Innsbruck. Highly recommend!

Dominic from around Brisbane, Australia, December 2022

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