Wonderful experience in Innsbruck

portrait format; two men, 35/60 years old, one with a cap, one with grey hair; dark grey / blue clothes,; background: a road in the city, mountains.
During the tour the greeter Rudi (left) met Christoph, Innsbruck’s best chef.

I had a wonderful time with Rudi who showed me around a wonderful part of Innsbruck and basically took me anywhere I wanted to go. I learned a lot and have gone back to new places because of him. I really appreciated his flexibility, his knowledge, his kindness, and his time. This was my first “greeter” experience and I hope to be doing more of this in the future.

Robin from Pennsylvania, USA, February 2023

Innsbruck with Rudi

We had a great experience with Rudi showing us some of his favorite places in Innsbruck! He was able to give us a glimpse into the every day life of a person living in Innsbruck. He gave us a great balance on historical information, great places to visit and an insight of his life in Austria.

Ted and Jeanie from Pennsylvania, USA; February 2023

Wonderful Experience

We walked through the market and parts of the Old Town across the river and enjoyed our conversation about Innsbruck and Rudi’s experience of living there as well as where he grew up outside of Innsbruck. Had a wonderful jam filled pastry at a bakery in an area where few if any tourists go.
Rudi made suggestions of other things for us to do in our short time in Innsbruck which we did like the train to funicular and trip to top of mountain.
So absolutely terrific experience.

Susan and James from Seattle, USA; January 2023

Innsbruck with snow, sun and Silvia

Landscape format; selfie of portraits of a man and a woman wrapped up in warm clothes; snow covered mountains in the background
(C) Achim und Eva, Bremen, Deutschland

This greet in Innsbruck was our first greet ever – and we liked it very much.


Silvia and her cute little dog Maxi picked us up at the hotel and showed us the nearby town Hall in Tirol. We also enjoyed a wonderful stroll through the snow covered woods. Just by ourselves we wouldn’t have found any of that. We felt very comfortable with Silvia and quickly found a personal relation with her.

One of the highlights was when we sat down for coffee and cake in her favorite cafe in Hall. She also gave us some great recommendations for restaurants in Innsbruck.

Back in Bremen, our hometown, we now joined the local greeters group.

Eva und Achim aus Bremen, Deutschland; Januar 2023

A great introduction to Innsbruck

We did a half day walk through Innsbruck just before Christmas. This tour included myself, my wife and my two adult children. We love walking tours, and have done many – I always find it the best way to learn the culture and history of a place is from a local via a walk around their town. Particularly when the walk can be tailored to your needs and changed as you go.

Landscape format, selfie, 3 men and 2 women; parents and greeter in their 50ies, 60ies, children mid-20ies. Winter; big house with red and yellow facade in the background, grey sky.
Family Maguire from Brisbane, Australia with Rudi in the middle

Rudi was fantastic – he contacted us well before the day, asking what we would be interested in seeing (as there is plenty to see in Innsbruck), and then took us on a walk and showed us things we would never have seen or done on our own. It was a great introduction to ‘his’ town. My daughter wanted a coffee, so Rudi did an impromptu stop for a traditional coffee at an older style cafe, chatting with the friendly regulars.

It was a great half day, and will be the first thing we all remember when we think of Innsbruck. Highly recommend!

Dominic from around Brisbane, Australia, December 2022