Three at once

At the agreed time we first met our greeter Rudi in Schwaz. It was a stone’s throw from the Zillertal where we stayed. We’ve seen impressive things in Schwaz. We continued to Hall, which initially meant nothing to us. But Rudi showed us the beautiful old town, we even made it to the historic wedding hall. A great old town!

We continued to Innsbruck. With the three cities, it was immensely helpful that we were safely guided to a well-located parking lot. Innsbruck was a highlight, we saw and got to know a lot. The finale was a walk up a hill from which we had unforgettable views of Innsbruck.

All in all it was a brilliant day. Rudi was a great companion, just like a friend who presented his friends with the most beautiful places in his three towns.

In the future we will arrange greets again. It’s really a great opportunity.
Many thanks again to Rudi!!!

Regine and Burkhard from Velbert (Rheinland, Germany)

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