Innsbruck through the lens of a local

My friend and I mostly travel to get a grasp of how locals live. We love experiencing things that people from different cultures do on a daily basis.

portrait format, selfie; 3 people at a table in a Cafe; left a young woman, middle an older man. right a young woman again. On the table various coffees, in the background a colourful painting of flowers
Vanessa, Rudi and Lisa at the Cafe

Rudi showed us around the residential areas and explained historical information mostly related to Innsbruck’s lifestyle along with how the city came about. He was kind enough to extend the tour to a conversation at a cafe he frequented. We got to know so much more about him, his culture, and the hidden places in Innsbruck. He was simple in thoughts but had such a great deal of knowledge even of things outside of Innsbruck. He was also an honest man who spoke his mind which made it such a delightful afternoon for both my friend and I. Hopefully for him too!

Vanessa, Malaysia and Lisa, South Korea