Another fellow greeter

Wolfgang is the manager of the greeters in Freiburg, Germany. Of course, whenever a greeter travels she or he is looking out for fellow greeters at their destination.

Together with the local greeter Rudi Wolfgang and his wife Angela walked through southern quarters of Innsbruck and finished in the “corner of the four beasts” as that place in the old town is called. It got its name from the fact that at this spot you are surrounded by four taverns named after animals.

portrait format; 3 people, one woman in the middle, 2 men at her side. standing at a square, old tall houses. the big one in the back is red
Rudi, Angela and Wolfgang at the “corner of the 4 beasts”

Thank you!

We had a very nice greet with a walk in areas that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise and that broadened our perspective on the city, with exciting information that wasn’t just “travel guide information” and therefore all the more exciting. We learned more and many different things about the country and its people while drinking coffee and having a pleasant conversation.

The communication during the preparatory phase was very easy going. Thank you for the great flexibility and the very nice greet!

Laura and Yannick fromBielefeld, Germany

Innsbruck with snow, sun and Silvia

Landscape format; selfie of portraits of a man and a woman wrapped up in warm clothes; snow covered mountains in the background
(C) Achim und Eva, Bremen, Deutschland

This greet in Innsbruck was our first greet ever – and we liked it very much.


Silvia and her cute little dog Maxi picked us up at the hotel and showed us the nearby town Hall in Tirol. We also enjoyed a wonderful stroll through the snow covered woods. Just by ourselves we wouldn’t have found any of that. We felt very comfortable with Silvia and quickly found a personal relation with her.

One of the highlights was when we sat down for coffee and cake in her favorite cafe in Hall. She also gave us some great recommendations for restaurants in Innsbruck.

Back in Bremen, our hometown, we now joined the local greeters group.

Eva und Achim aus Bremen, Deutschland; Januar 2023