The best experience in Innsbruck

It was such a great pleasure to get to know Elli! We had a really nice walk around the city, enjoying the snow while she explained me beautiful fun facts about the city. I go back with an amazing experience in Innsbruck but also (and most importantly) with a new friend!

Catia from Leiria, Portugal

landscape format; selfie of two young women at night in the street, one of them wearing a blue hat; rainy and snowy weather, in the background illuminated houses
Catia and Elli brave the weather

Wonderful afternoon in Innsbruck

Rudi and Heidi were the wonderful Greeters that received me and my 3 friends in Innsbruck. We were 4 Portugese spending the weekend in Innsbruck and wanted to know more about the city and local people and Greeters was the perfect idea for it.

Rudi was the greeter with whom I communicated through the Greeters portal and he agreed to meet in a convenient spot for us. He was very quick to reply and very accessible.
On the day we met, Rudi met us with Heidi, his fellow Greeter, who was also a very nice host to this greeting. They shared with us a little bit about themselves as we did share with them as well.

We had a relaxed walk around the city and they kept providing very insightful points of view about Innsbruck and its neighbourhoods and people. We really enjoyed meeting Heidi and Rudi and the experience of being greeted in Innsbruck by them.

square format; five young people (two men, three women), full body photo, smiling into the camera. In the background old houses, yellow and orange; further back the snow capped mountains
Bernardo with friends an greeter Heidi

The highlights of the afternoon we spent together were walking through the classical Innsbruck neighborhoods and navigating through the old houses and churches while hearing old stories about the foundries and some historical buildings. We also had a lovely stroll through the imperial garden and we ventured a little bit into the city’s old town center.

We were all very grateful to both Heidi and Rudi for their time and insightful information, and also by the overall mission they embody with the Greeters institution. We felt inspired by the work they do in greeting people and help them blend-in in Innsbruck.

Thank you so much, Heidi and Rudi, I hope we meet again.

Bernardo and friends, Portugal