Meet a greeter

and discover the non-touristic Innsbruck.

Helpful information before your request

  • Innsbruck Greeters are volunteers, not professional tour guides.
  • Please submit your request at least one week in advance .
  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a greeter for your visit, but we promise we’ll do our best.
  • Greeter walks are for singles or groups of up to six people.
  • All Innsbruck Greeter walks are carried out on foot or using public transport.
  • A greet takes somewhere between 1 and 4 hours (mostly around 2 hours)

What do you want to do?

Here are some suggestions where a walk with you could possibly go to.

Once we’ve found a greeter, we will contact you directly by email. If we are unable to organize a greet for your visit, we will contact you as well.